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Symposium to Celebrate the 75th Birthday of John Schwarz

                                                              group photo by Anna Zytkow


Videos of the scientific talks can be viewed here.

Banquet photos can be viewed here.

Photos taken by Anna Zytkow can be viewed here.

  November 18 Friday
9:00 Ooguri Welcome Remarks + Shortening Anomalies in Supersymmetric Theories
9:35 Vafa Geometry of 4d N=1 from 6d (1,0)
10:10   Coffee
10:40 Sagnotti Chair's remarks
10:45 Maldacena Comments on the SYK Model
11:20 Susskind Supersymmetry and the Limits of What We Know
11:55   Lunch
13:30 Neveu Chair's remarks
13:35 Sen Integrating out Heavy Modes of String Field Theory
14:10 Seiberg Duality in 2 + 1 Dimensions
14:45   Coffee
15:15 Kallosh Chair's remarks
15:20 Aganagic Two Mathematical Applications of Little String Theory
15:55 Komargodski The Highly Effective Action of the Yang-Mills Flux Tube at Zero and Non-Zero Temperature.
17:30   Reception
18:00   Banquet
  November 19 Saturday
9:00 Gauntlett Chair's remarks
9:05 Perry Soft Black Hole Hair
9:40 Tachikawa              On 4d N=3 Supersymmetric Theories
10:15   Coffee
10:45 Freedman Chair's remarks
10:50 Van Raamsdonk Nonlinear Gravitational Interactions from Entanglement
11:25 Kiritsis RG Flows and the String Landscape
12:00   Lunch
13:30 Ferrara Chair's remarks
13:35 Douglas Quantum Cosmology and Computational Complexity
14:10 Cherkis The Slings and Arrows: Instantons on Gravitons
14:45   Coffee
15:15 Callan Chair's remarks
15:20 Green Some Modular Properties of Superstring Scattering Amplitudes
15:55 Schwarz Concluding remarks


Papers dedicated to John Schwarz on his 75th Birthday

O. Aharony, S. Razamat, N. Seiberg, B. Willett Long Flow to Freedom
J. Gomis, Z. Komargodski, H. Ooguri, N. Seiberg, Y. Wang Shortening Anomalies in Supersymmetric Theories
E. Kiritsis, F.Nitti, L. S. Pimenta Exotic RG Flows from Holography
L. Dixon, M. von Hippel, A. McLeod, J. Trnka Multi-Loop Positivity of the Planar N=4 SYM Six-Point Amplitude
E. D'Hoker, M. Gutperle, C. Uhlemann Holographic Duals for Five-Dimensional Superconformal Quantum Field Theories
A. Donos, J. P. Gauntlett, T. Griffin, L. Melgar DC Conductivity and Higher Derivative Gravity
S. Ferrara, A. Sagnotti Supergravity at 40: Reflections and Perspectives
M. Kameyama, S. Nawata Refined Large N Duality for Torus Knots
M. Dodelson, E. Silverstein Long-Range Non-Locality in Six-Point String Scattering: simulation of black hole infallers
P. Kucharski, M. Reineke, M. Stosic, P. SuĊ‚kowski BPS states, knots and quivers
 C.-M. Chang, Y.-H. Lin Carving Out the End of the World or (Superconformal Bootstrap in Six Dimensions)


Symposium Organizers:

   Mina Aganagic, Lars Brink, Michael Douglas, Elias Kiritsis,

   Hirosi Ooguri, Carol Silberstein

Scientific Speakers:

   Mina Aganagic, Sergey Cherkis, Michael Douglas, Michael Green,

   Elias Kiritsis, Zohar Komargodski, Juan Maldacena, Hirosi Ooguri,

   Malcolm Perry, Mark van Raamsdonk, Nathan Seiberg, Ashoke Sen,

   Leonard Susskind, Yuji Tachikawa, Cumrun Vafa

Banquet Speakers:

   Lars Brink, Michael Green, David Gross, Pierre Ramond 

Session Chairs:

   Curtis Callan, Sergio Ferrara, Daniel Freedman, Jerome Gauntlett,

   Renata Kallosh, Andrei Neveu, Augusto Sagnotti