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Workshop on Primordial Gravitational Waves and Cosmology

Bock Caltech Reflections on BICEP2
Doré Caltech/JPL Planck, Inflation and ... BICEP2
Filippini Caltech Listening for the Echoes of Inflation with BICEP2
Hu Chicago Creative Tension between the Early and Late Universe
Jeong Penn State Signatures of Primordial Gravitational Waves in Large-Scale Structure
Kamionkowski Johns Hopkins B-Mode Grab Bag
Linde Stanford Inflation in Supergravity
McAllister Cornell Ultraviolet Completions of Large-Field Inflation
Senatore Stanford Some Theoretical Aspects of B-Modes and Inflation
Silverstein Stanford The Powers of Monodromy and the Range of r in String Theory
Zaldarriaga IAS BICEP2 Results: A View from the Outside
Session 1: Ooguri, Soifer, Filippini Session 2: Zaldarriaga Session 3: Hu, Jeong
Session 4: Kamionkowski Session 5: Doré, Linde Session 6: Siverstein
Session 7: McAllister Session 8: Senatore, Bock