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Fellows of the Burke Institute

The Burke Institute has endowed fellowships for distinguished postdoctoral scholars in theoretical physics.

The support offered by these fellowships enables theorists to pursue innovative research. The success of the fellowship program is exemplified by the fact that over 95 percent of the more than 120 former fellows are holding distinguished academic positions, as shown here.

In February 2015, some of former fellows gathered at Caltech for the Inaugural Celebration and Symposium of the Burke Institute.

We are soliciting applications for the 2017 - 2020 Fellows of the Burke Institute at this webpage.


Current Fellows of the Burke Institute


2015 - 2018

2014 - 2017

2013 - 2017


Mykola Dedushenko  
Sherman Fairchild Fellow



Martin Fluder
David & Ellen Lee Fellow

Haipeng An
McCone Fellow

Jim Fuller
DuBridge Fellow


Ying-Hsuan Lin
Sherman Fairchild Fellow



Jonathan Squire
Sherman Fairchild Fellow

Ning Bao
DuBridge Fellow         




Tomas Jochym-O'Connor
Sherman Fairchild Fellow


Natalia Storch
Sherman Fairchild Fellow

Vyacheslav Lysov
Sherman Fairchild Fellow




Prashant Saraswat
DuBridge Fellow



Ryan Mishmash
DuBridge Fellow




Coral Wheeler
DuBridge Fellow